Friday, March 29, 2013

Genius, Part 2

As much as I love these felted slippers, they do have one fatal flaw.  The softness that makes them so cozy , also is not very durable for walking on. 
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 Sadly, the bottoms wear out fairly quickly.  While they are not terribly expensive or difficult to replace, I just couldn’t toss out something that was only worn out on the bottom.  So I decided to try to save these favorite slippers. 

I cut off the bottoms....
Slipper on left has been surgically altered.
and stitched on a pair of slipper sock soles I had lying around. 

Stitching in progress

I never got around to making the slipper socks, but now I have….
drumroll, please…….
 I’m thinking these bad boys should last forever!!

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